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Version convention that i am following in this project


Major - Version numbers with matching major version numbers should be fully compatible with each other. New features which will render a verion incompatiable (either forward or backward) should then be a new MAJOR version number.

Minor - Each time a new feature is added or the look/feel of the app is changed the minor version should be changed.

PatchLevel- Used to track bug fixes. If you release a new version of your app, but then a few months later release it with several bug fixes (no new features or change to look/feel) then the PatchLevel field is changed.

Build - The build number of the app. Mainly used for internal version tracking. Unless one does a complete re-code of the app, this is almost never reset to 0, but simply keeps increasing.

Status by version

Version 1.0
  1. WPF Rich GUI feature.
  2. Able to Document SQL Server 2000/2005/2008.
  3. Implement Threading to avoid screen lock.
  4. Exception handling using Log4Net.
  5. Help file in HTML (WEB) format.
  6. Red & Green themes.

For upcoming release

  1. Make application comfortable with Mysql & Oracle data management.
  2. User can export document in CHM & DOC format.
  3. User can choose animation for application.
  4. Document more database components.

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